Is a spinning pole better? – Pole Dancing Classes San Antonio Tx

No. Spin up the pole when you’re ready to use it. The first time I used it, it took about three seconds to spin up, and I could have finished it in that time, but I wanted it to spin up faster, so I used the second pole for that test. I’ve used spinning poles before to test the accuracy of the design. Sometimes I’d spin it up into a straight line but I’d have to slow it down as I got there, and sometimes I’d want to speed it up, so I’d put a second pole in there for those tests. The more poles you put in, the less likely it will spin up, but if you get it going, you use it the same way it normally would.

How about it for weight?

I don’t know it for weight—I’ve only done a few tests on it. It’s about 1,000 pounds per pole. For the people I was using for the tests, that weighed 20 pounds. If it’s so light, why is it so heavy? I didn’t use a lot of weights at all. It’s just about getting it to spin faster. If you think about it, a ball will never spin up faster and faster—the poles just slow it down. Even if I gave you 10 times as much torque as the thing on the bottom, it’s just going to take so long to spin up that it becomes very frustrating.

When did you get the idea to invent these poles? What were you doing while you waited?

My girlfriend and I were in Australia and we were doing research in the bush. She called me and said she wanted me to come to Australia and look at a spinning pole. She’d heard it was the most beautiful thing. She got me in a room and showed me all of these designs. She said, “When you have a bunch of people saying what they are going to do, do a lot of research.” She wanted to know what I was doing, how I could make it better. All of us had been into spinning poles before, and nobody would know what it was going to be. We decided to get together, try something, and it was a big success. It started to get a lot of attention around the world.

You’ve been on the cover of National Geographic magazine?

Yeah, that was like the cherry on top. That’s when I knew I had found my passion in life. I couldn’t believe I was

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