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There is a difference between pole ballet and stripping. Pole dancing is choreographic art, that does not rely on a naked dancer having control. It doesn’t allow the dancer to control or control the moment of movement, and it often requires a performance of movements. For a dancer to strip, the dancer has to be totally engaged in the performance and no longer allows it to be controlled. Stripping requires a naked dancer to have complete control and to be completely in control of movement, with the dancer being fully present in the act of the strip.

In short, pole dancing has a very specific purpose. It is a ballet for dancers of advanced degree in dancing, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It only works in a specific context and with respect, not just to pole dancers, but to all dancers if you’re willing to learn well and really work at it. And it’s worth remembering that most pole dancers come from all kinds of backgrounds and with no special advantages at all. You have a hard time finding one who is an expert in pole dance, and some of those pole dancers who are experts don’t know what to look for because they don’t have a background in a specific area of expertise. They might be an expert in pole, but they have not been trained in a specific way. It doesn’t matter if it’s in dance or something else.

Do people still strip or dance pole?

At the most basic level, no. Pole dancing, and strip dancing in general, is a technique where the artist is teaching a person how to do a specific act, with the person taking on the role and making it her own and letting it happen. But in other ways, pole and strip dance have been integrated into a lot of the dances that we find so powerful.
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It doesn’t matter if a pole dancer is stripping or performing. As you might guess, most people who’ve practiced pole dancing and the style they practice don’t do it anymore because they felt that they were getting into trouble with judges and that it wasn’t for a specific audience or with that specific purpose.

That means we see many pole dancers who are very good at pole dancing in other styles of dance, and people who can really dance anything for anyone! If you feel like you can do anything in dance or dance in general, that’s what you’re looking for.

Is there anything else that women in pole should know about?

Women in pole dance can find many opportunities to be an active member

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