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It’s that time of the year again, when the NFL begins its offseason program for the 2017 season. The players will officially report to their new teams by Friday, July 20th and the teams will report to the NFL by Sunday, July 24th. Before we go ahead and look ahead to what lies ahead for these teams, I will briefly review two players who might take a backseat to the other positions this offseason. Both of the players will be unrestricted free agents, and neither player’s cap number is going to affect the roster, so let’s take a look at how both players are getting paid.

The Dolphins have two veterans signed for 2017 and the contracts are pretty much as follows:

S Nate Allen, 6’4 ½, 236, $4.65 million cap number

J.D. Bess, 6’3 ½, 245, $3.9 million cap number

For a quick refresher on Nate Allen’s deal, here is his contract. From the original piece on his rookie contract:

Allen was drafted in the third round of the 2011 NFL draft by the Seattle Seahawks and released before the 2012 season due to off-field issues that took place during training camp. He was signed to the Dolphins’ practice squad and signed as an unrestricted free agent in May 2015.

On December 27th 2016, Allen signed with the Dolphins in a one-year deal with an option for a second season. This option carries a $3.925 million cap figure and $12 million total signing bonus. It also carries $3 million of dead cap space.

J.D. Bess is coming off of a pretty amazing season for the Bengals, being on the second-team All Pro team while being the team’s leading rusher. It would have been nice to see Allen receive the same praise, but Bess has also shown some off season growth that has helped him carve out a niche for himself as a pass catching back.

With Allen’s contract also comes an option that carries a $3 million of dead cap space for 2017 but also $8 million in cap savings over the first two years of his contract.

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Both players will need to prove their worth to coach Adam Gase by having a good 2017 season to help him decide if there are any future plans for them. For the Bengals the year before Bess’ contract was ended by injury. For the Broncos Allen is coming off of a season in which they won a Super Bowl for the first time ever

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