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What does the word “pole” mean? What are the different kinds of pole exercise you can do and find out from me? I am an instructor at a college and I like to run a class on pole exercise. The term “pole” came from an ancient form of exercise, the “epee”, meaning “the weapon of the pike”. In that case, the “pole” was used to attack your opponent’s weapon. You can find a video or pictures below (I will post the ones I used). I found them on YouTube but they are a bit old and I have seen them in the news too so let me know them if you know them. Please understand that they are not for everyone since the video and pictures are a bit dated. I am also going through the “rules” for using the epee to explain how to do different types of exercise. There are also many books about the epee and the exercise or exercises from which you can learn about it. Pole exercise from the Epee If you are interested, just click on “More” in the top menu. Also try and look at a list of the books to help you learn.

How to Choose the Perfect Size Epee We use epee sized epees but sometimes they are too big or too small. There is no easy way to measure these epees, we will tell you the length, width, and the amount you should leave out of your epee before choosing. Also I am using an Epee to give you some ideas but not all types are similar because it depends on the type of attack you are going to make. In other words, some people can use an epee with a very short and wide base so you can reach your opponents back or even your opponents arms (see photos).

How to Get a Correct Pommel Most people have made the mistake of using a pommel with an improper length. The reason for this is because pommels are designed to help you get your weapon over your opponent’s shoulder or back. The problem is these pommels are too short. So your pommel is only designed to help you hold the weapon securely. Your pommel can’t really help you to defend your position. That’s why I recommend using the correct size of epee. This article is about how to get a perfect pommel. It includes a couple of photos showing the pommel.

How to Prepare for an Epee Fight Let’s face it, there are tons and tons of pictures online of

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