Where did pole dance originated? – Free Pole Dancing Classes Near Me For Adults

In the 19th century, the dances were seen as a way to relax, to regain confidence and to increase social status.

In New Zealand, pole was not only a way to show off personal skills and athleticism but was also a way to socialize.

It is said the first dance competition was held in 1902 in Dunedin. A pole dancing festival was put on the beaches of Christchurch in 1916, and the first competition in New Zealand in 1910.

Monsanto’s latest move toward creating genetically modified plants has brought up a serious question – what about the environment?

The GMO industry is constantly at work trying to make GM seeds more powerful. The latest effort goes by the name MON 81140 – a “high-yield” corn engineered into such a way as to be able to reproduce in its field.

The crop has been engineered to resist disease, drought and weed control. Monsanto has designed the seeds so that they can be re-engineered to produce a crop more resistant to the chemicals used to control it.

The new corn is capable of growing up to 8 pounds a field, which is up to 20 percent faster than the previous crop.

But despite these advancements, the environment is taking a hit, says the Washington Post.

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“The crop will likely have a different effect than what farmers in the field anticipate,” writes Paul Jaminet.

In a previous article, Jaminet noted the negative environmental impacts of industrial GMOs. The article noted that GMO’s have also created problems in the past for their farmers – a fact that Monsanto, the US government and the biotech industry have been trying to hide.

“When crops are created to withstand the same chemical dreck, the result can often be the most intense and extreme weather ever seen in the U.S. Midwest,” the publication says. “For instance, a genetically engineered crop in Argentina was linked to wildfires this year.”

The Washington Post article cited several examples of GMO disasters, including the case of the “Superweed” in Texas, a weed that resulted in over 2,600 acres of farmers planting non-GMO corn, forcing the company to release GMO versions soon after.

In the past, it’s been difficult for environmentalists to come after the companies responsible for the seeds which have been bred and sold to companies like Monsanto. However, the U.S. Congress has passed a bill allowing for lawsuits to be brought against farmers using GMO seeds, reports the

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