Why do pole dancers wear heels? – Pole Dance Grip Gloves

When you move into pole dancing, you are breaking apart the foundations of your body, and the balance of your limbs. The biggest reason is that many pole dancers are tall. Most women are shorter than their male counterparts. So when that’s the case, the pole dancer is using the extra height to dance around.

You need to understand that even the smallest movements you do on the pole can have a big impact. When you have your partner holding you, you can easily walk, step into a corner, jump for an extra leg up, or even change directions very fast. If you’re on the top end, the pole moves your body, and can result in a huge difference in your dancing style.

What about the size of my shoes?

When it comes to height, most professional dancers wear size 3 and up. Most small size shoes don’t go as far up the pole as they do at home. But don’t put all your eggs in one basket. There is no right shoe for any pole, even those with heels. What you want is to wear a shoe that goes up and down the pole with a little bit of a cushion in the center of the shoe – and maybe even a little ankle support. Not too thin, but not too tight either.

Do you need to be really tight?

The closer your shoes, the better your dance can be. When dancing is not about making small changes, keeping your feet on the floor, having a little toe hold, or being too loose when they are on the ground, the dancer’s feet should be loose. The more snug, the less the dancer needs to be at the pole, and the more control you have as you move. Plus, tight shoes allow for more precise movements because they compress your toes and are held tighter.

Do your shoe size matter?

Shoes, especially smaller shoes, can help you move better as well as stand up from the floor. Shoe size is not the end all, be all of dancer’s foot size, but a really important factor that will determine whether the dancer has a good or bad time. When you try to choose shoes that make a big difference in your dance, make sure that your shoe fits well inside the shoe. If you need a different size, try again and compare the two shoe sizes for your feet. Also, some ballet shoes will have a heel to accommodate a dancer, especially girls who need to have their toes on the floor more.


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