Can you paint rustoleum over Krylon paint? – Spray Painting Art With Toothbrush

This is very difficult because we don’t have Krylon paint so we are doing our best to cover it with something else. One thing I can do with Krylon paint for a quick test is to spray the rustoleum over it.

After that it’s a matter of getting the sprayer really hot. I just got a new one at the paint store for 15 bucks. The one in the video didn’t have the hot wire for this, so I sprayed it on the side of the paint gun with the hot wire. After that I used the hot wire the rest of the way around, then when I was done, I wiped it down with a piece of acetone to get the remaining rustoleum out. This is really no different than using Krylon spray paint, you just have to do your best to get as much rustoleum off of the Krylon, or just do it with a spray can.

And you guys are asking me about the color, does it have any effect.
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The color does indeed work, however not as well as you can imagine a dark red. But once it goes for as long as it does when it is done, it really is a great looking polish.

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