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Krylon spray paint is the go-to dry cleaning and auto detailing product because of its low maintenance. A typical Krylon spray paint job takes about 30-60 minutes for one coat and it is recommended for every 6-9 paint jobs. Krylon also does a great job at removing fingerprints and grime.

1. How do I start my Krylon spray paint job?

Step 1: Choose a Krylon Spray Paint Texture

Krylon’s Spray Paint Texture is best for all dry cleaning and auto detailing applications. It is also useful for automotive coating applications, including chrome, carbon fiber, and fiberglass. Krylon’s spray paint texture can be easily applied during the dry time since it dissolves rapidly in water. For the more demanding job of coating, such as chrome, carbon fiber, or fiberglass, you need to apply Krylon’s spray paint texture once every other coat.

Here is an example of the spray paint texture I use:

Step 2: Remove the Paint to a Safe Location

Remove any dirt that has collected on your vehicle’s paint using a sponge or rag. It can be difficult to remove all the dirt without damaging the finished surface. If you cannot remove it with a sponge or rag, use a soft brush and scrub it off carefully and quickly.

Step 3: Apply the Krylon Spray Paint

A coat of Krylon spray paint must appear uniform and flat around the vehicle’s paint job. If you are working with many coats and multiple finishes, the Krylon spray paint spray can be sprayed across the surface of the paint, and then removed from the spray painting material at the end of each coat. For the finished exterior, you can do a quick and simple cleaning with a quick dry shampoo.

For the interior or automotive coating application use our Krylon Dry Lubricant Spray and Krylon Spray Lined Detailer Coat.

There are two different methods of curing the Krylon Spray Paint Finish as well as other dry cleaning or auto paint products.

2. The Krylon Dry Cure Method

Apply the Krylon Spray Paint to your vehicle using a damp cloth or towel. You can clean the Krylon Spray Paint on the counter with a soft cloth that has a low suction. Just let it soak in an area where there is more moisture than expected, or you can dry wash the surface with a low suction machine. You will be able to see the coating beginning to spread after about 2 to

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