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Mudcrab armor Statistics Type Armor – Head – Chest – Legs – Feet Equipment Stats +1 to Maximum

Adds 10 to Maximum Magicka

+15 to Maximum Stamina Resist +1 to Maximum Resist on Damage Resist Damage Resist (100-125) Magicka +25% Block +1 to Maximum Physical Resistance Resist +1 to Maximum Spell Resistance Resist 100% of Spell Damage Converted to Health +15 to Maximum Critical Resistance

+20 to Maximum Magic Resistance Resist on Damage Resist Chance on Critical to Stun +1 to Maximum Spell Block Chance

Mudcrabs are enemies that are found at random locations throughout Morrowind. In addition to being weak enemies, they also bear unique dialogue. Mudcrabs, like many common enemies, are hostile to both the player and any group of players, though they can be healed by the use of potions. They are often encountered inside Dwemer artifacts which may contain an item from the Mudcrab family. The only known location of a Mudcrab that appears as a hostile enemy at all is in the city of Vivec, near the “Damp and Lightly Placed” Dwemer Ruins.

Mudcrabs can sometimes be found in the ruins of the ruins of the Shivering Isles, and are the only hostile inhabitants there, except for the Blue Dragons in the ruins of Shrines that drop Mudcrab Meat.[1]

Mudcrabs are particularly adept at disarming traps, but are vulnerable to other items. Their armor is of good quality, but a shield is recommended for defense, as it will help them maintain balance while they are in their burrow, though there is some armor loss.

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Mudcrabs appear as both a non-hostile and an enemy at random locations in the game.

Some mudcrabs have unique dialogue, including an attack on you and a warning about their attacks and “cute face”, which has no effect on your game unless your character is level 16 or higher.

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