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Not anymore; Krylon paints have lost their original quality. They are coated (bought in bulk, sold by the square) and the coating is chemically bound. This is like a sponge for the paint and it has a hard time removing itself. If you want to go in the direction of dry hard coat finish (or other wet finishes) Krylon is probably not the one you should go for.

Does Krylon come in a lot more colors or is it sold by the ounce?

That would be like asking if a car comes in a few color options every year or what the color is on the door jamb for a Chevrolet Cruze Sport. They are all very similar.

How is it different from MIG-Weld or PETT?

Not really. Not in terms of how they make their coat. Krylon has a very uniform coat. That has led Krylon to give the coat some very fine-grained, powdery texture, sometimes referred to as “MUG” or “WONDER POWDER.” MIG-Weld has an aggressive texture not typically seen in Krylon paint.

Is Krylon the same as Super Glue?
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As with other manufacturers that provide dry hard coat products, Krylon is in the business of giving customers the ability to provide the paint job they want. Super Glue is not going to be used by everyone.

The UK’s “new” foreign policy of supporting dictators in Libya and Syria is now being described as a ‘failure’.

“The Foreign Secretary has been criticised for putting out contradictory statements on Syria, a failed state, where the civil war is turning even more people into refugees,” writes Mark Lowen, a former British ambassador to the US and the author of ‘Democracy’s Dilemma’

He writes:

‘Britain will likely be viewed as indifferent to the human carnage in Syria, or will be viewed as encouraging it.’

He adds:

But, in reality, the UK’s decision to provide military support for the regime of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad was probably one of the most important foreign policy blunders made in the postwar era.

By offering Assad with military support and tacit backing at a time when the West was seeking a peaceful resolution, to the detriment of the Arab-Israeli problem, the West came to realise that it would be unwise to get involved in the Syrian civil war without being sure Assad would remain firmly in

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