Is rustoleum good for spray paint art? – Pictures Of Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Series

I know we love and respect spray paint, but I’ve noticed it is not as good for spray painting as it once was. I want to show you how to make one for less money.

First you’ll need to buy a couple of spray paint cans. I have one smaller than the other, so I buy one large.

I then took all of the rustoleum paint I could get my hands on in the past. I didn’t start with enough so it wasn’t as bad as this time, so if less is better try to find the best color for the job.

I started by spraying rustoleum on all the panels but you only need about 3 or 4 so it doesn’t cover everything. After I sprayed the last panel with the red rustoleum paint I put on a layer of water and then spray more on top of it, it should start to set. Then I let it dry.

Now I’m going to cut the rustoleum to whatever thickness you want. Take a razor knife and trim off the corners and edges so it doesn’t make things look too messy but you can use scissors for this. I don’t have a cutting board big enough to do this but I have enough to make a flat surface.

Then you’ll need to spray on some clear paint. I use Gator Gel because I like it because it is hard and glides right on through the rustoleum. If you don’t have it I imagine you could use clear lacquer spray paint but I didn’t want to mess with trying to get it to look as good for a less than cost-effective price.

You might want to get this kind of paint with sprayer tips to help get an easy job. You can do a second coat of clear paint after you finish the one that originally got you stuck.

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