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It’s a paste made from eggs that is sprayed with a chemical called ethylcellulose. The paste forms a bond with the cellwall of the cell and releases a chemical called ethylene, which in turn causes the cell to change structure.

In a previous investigation , researchers reported that the gesso spray can dissolve cells in as little as 50 minutes in water or a liquid nitrogen bath.

When you spray it onto a slice of bread, you spray down the cell membrane, said Peter J. E. Moltz , a former research assistant in Bielaard ‘s lab.

In theory it should penetrate the cell wall and free all the oxygen you need. And then the process would continue, without the need for additional cleaning.

But in the experiments at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, it did not work out that way.

The researchers noted that the first two batches of treated white bread in the experiment all had visible deposits inside them, as had the bread used for comparison. And their results, when compared to those found in the control experiments, did not support the idea that they were a new cell layer.

“So we need to do a lot more tests on different breads. It is still important to keep a close eye on the cells that might potentially leak out of the bread,” Bielaard said.

He recommended that the next step in the study should be larger studies to see if the gesso solution can work for all kinds of cells.

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