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Spray paint has many different names but generally refers to a mixture of pigment and a solvent. The pigment is the white powder and the solvent is the liquid oil. Most paint is white in color but the type of paint can often be different. This is a complicated topic so I could not go into the details on all of the different pigment types. There is some confusion because most of the paint companies use two different color names for different products. Here are the names for the types of paints and their ingredients:

Acrylic paints are very similar to ordinary acrylics in that they consist of several separate paints of different shades.

Polyurethane paints are different in that they are also solid pigments, so instead of a simple mixture of pigment and liquid solvent, a paint is composed of small, hollow bubbles rather than particles. The bubbles also have a slightly different texture and are not quite as opaque as a solid paint color. The pigments used in polymer paints can range from oil to a hardener. Polyurethanes also add a lot of pigment, so they are expensive.

Pigments are the primary substance in most paints, and some paint manufacturers actually use both pigment and solvent. For example, the pigment in a watercolor painting is generally water, and the pigment inside that paint is usually a mixture of pigment and oil. While it is not clear just from any paint container what type of paint is used, you can usually tell by looking at the paint.
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What can I do with spray paint?

While there are many different ways to use spray paint I will give some general advice.


To paint, start out with a white piece of paper. You can use anything that looks like scrap paper or other paper (the more the better). To get started try painting with one line of the surface with the paint. While this is a pretty simple way to do a simple stencil, it can take a while to work on a large piece of paper.

For a smaller piece of paper to hold a stencil just use a piece of scrap paper. Be sure to start the paint line on the same side of the paper as the stencil was added to. When you are done you can clean the piece that you worked with using a cotton ball and a rag. The other piece of paper should make sure the stencil is not covering the paper. For this demonstration we tried using spray paint to apply stencils, so don’t try this

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