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It is the crime of marking the public space of an important place. It is a crime in my book. They can’t say, I hate the graffiti!”

The prosecutor and attorney went on to explain that there was a problem with public nudity which resulted from the graffiti. They said they would charge someone with graffiti vandalism if they used obscene words and pictures, which were visible inside the public place due to graffiti.

This means it could be illegal to use obscene words or pictures within an area where it was marked down. This is similar to how it can be illegal to use obscenities within a public place, as it makes a point to leave the area.

A spokesperson from the South Wales Police told the South Wales Echo that: “Public nudity is an issue for the South Wales Police and they have the power to enforce the law.”

The spokesman added: “The South Wales Police has received a number of reports recently of public nudity on the streets as the result of graffiti but the police have not made any arrests. If someone is guilty of tagging it should not reflect negatively on the wider community.

“If the police have concerns then they will deal with it appropriately and as soon as appropriate.”

DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit Police are investigating a suspicious death at about the same time as a series of armed robberies at stores in the city.

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The body of an elderly man with a gunshot wound was found Tuesday night at the northwest corner of 12 Mile and Michigan. Police believe that the man may have been shot in the head and killed while he was lying facedown in the street.

The victim did not appear to be tied to the robberies.

There have not been any arrests in connection with the incident.

There have also been an increase in shootings within the city and in the city area since early Tuesday morning. According to preliminary investigation, the shootings are unrelated.

No further details were immediately available.

Stay with WWJ Newsradio 950 and for more information.

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